Basics of Summer Sports Safety

The temperature is getting hotter every day. This only means that summer is approaching. It is that time of the year that people are eager to go outdoors for recreation. It is is also the perfect occasion to sign up for sports like tennis and basketball. But before participating in these activities, people must have an idea on the basic safety tips for summer sports to avoid accidents and injuries.

The first thing to do is to condition the body. Doing summer sport too soon will only get a person to trouble and physical injuries.

To condition the body, the person must adjust to the sports in a slow pace to make the recreation more comfortable. After easing up to activity, the person must now gradually increase the intensity and duration of the sports.

A 30 minutes cardiovascular exercise for 3 days in a week is also an ideal exercise to condition the body. If the person is already used to this type of routine, he may now adjust the duration to 40-45 minutes and do it for 4 to 5 days in a week. Adjusting to the sports in a slow pace will help the person strengthen his endurance and easily adapt to physical stresses.

Wearing safety equipment is also another tip to keep a person away from injuries. Everyone needs to have protective gears; even real athletes have protective equipment. A Helmet keeps bikers, skaters, baseball players, and horseback riders away from head and neck injuries. If it fits perfectly to the user, it only means that is not too loose or wide for the user, and it will also protect his forehead from foreign materials and accidents. Other safety equipments are kneepads, elbow protectors, mouthpieces, and life jackets. Players are also advice to apply sunscreen on their skins to protect them from the violent radiations of the sun.

The temperature may go up to 90 degrees during this season. With this rate, players are strongly advised to stay indoors because high temperature can cause heart related problems.

To beat the heat, drinking water before, throughout, and after the activity is important. Health experts advise that as much as possible, people must drink a lot of water even though they are not thirsty. Playing from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. is also not very advisable because this is the hottest period of the day.

Before initiating to any type of sport during the summer period, it is important to do a preliminary research about the sport to avoid being injured or worse, hospitalized.