10 New Cars To Avoid In 2017

In case you’re searching for a new car, you’ve come to the perfect place. But we’re not here to tell you which cars to buy. We are here to tell you about the ones to avoid. Let’s be honest. Not every car that gets released is a winner. Most of us know this, but it can be challenging to discover which ones would be the worst out of the lot. Here you will get a listing of 20 brand new vehicles we advise that you avoid for one reason or another. Employing the trusted and reliable Consumer Reports, particulars vary from not being worth their cost to failing to meet their promises.

No matter what you are searching for, this list will allow you to avoid the worst vehicles out there on the industry.

1. Mitsubishi Mirage

This car is marketed as smart, social, and enjoyable also backed by a 10-year 100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty. Yes, the car is cheap and gets great gas mileage but it isn’t the smoothest ride on the market. The automobile has a tiny three-cylinder engine that vibrates and leaves the car shake. This one was also number three to the list of worst automobiles in 2015. Sometimes a price too low may be a red flag. This is one of these cases.

2. Fiat 500L

The advertising line with this one is, “Make space for pleasure.” But in all seriousness, what room are they speaking about? This car is covered with a 4-year 50,000-mile basic limited warranty. Unfortunately you may have to use it fairly quickly. This one has been the lowest-rated streamlined by Consumer Reports. It had a terrible showing on its road-test score and it also managed to land the worst reliability of almost any new car. Warranties were produced for a reason. This car is just one of these.

3. Chrysler 200

The Chrysler 200 stands out as the next-generation midsize sedan according to Chrysler’s website. Nonetheless, this is the lowest-rated midsize sedan rated by Consumer Reports. Edmunds also didn’t speak very highly of this vehicle. It was considered mediocre at best with inept handling and bad street performance. If you are spending $20-25k, still having an Accord or a Camry. You can’t go wrong with a few of these cars.

4. Mercedes-Benz CLA250

This vehicle, together with all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, is boasted to have exceptional performance, exquisite style, and cutting-edge technologies. They do not yet have an MPG rating recorded on this model for 2017. Rated the lowest-rated compact luxury car by user reports, it features a cramped and stiff ride with plenty of sound. Someone has to be worst at the compact luxury car section, and the Mercedes-Benz CLA250 drew the brief straw this time around.

5. Lincoln MKS

Lincoln offers a 4-year 50,000-mile warranty and a 6-year 70,000-mile powertrain warranty. Little exists on their website about this specific car which might mean it is being phased out to the next model year. This one scored lowest-rated midsize luxury car by Consumer Reports. It was noted to be obsolete and “outclassed.” Yikes. At this price point you are much better off with a Nissan Maxima, Buick Lacrosse, or slightly higher priced Acura and Infiniti models.

6. Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey is termed “Fuel efficiency is muscle also,” on their site. This promise not entirely panning out might be the reason behind consumer report’s rating. After all, many household SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) have both great gas mileage and excellent functionality from the V-6. This one was the lowest-rated household SUV based on consumer reports because of the poor gas mileage around the V-6. The reality is creating a household SUV for under $25,000 is very tricky. Dodge hasn’t pulled it off and no one else really has yet.

7. Land Rover Discovery Sport

This one appears to have gone through a re-design for 2017, so if you’re really in love with the appearance, you could give it a second opportunity via a test drive. The Discovery Sport functions as having excellent design, engineering integrity, and exceptional flexibility. A brand new vehicle limited warranty lasts on this car for 4-years or 50,000-miles, whichever comes first. As the lowest rated compact luxury SUV by customer reports, it had awkward stride with too much or too small, a frequent issue. The transmission was also “balky.” Land Rover would be sensible to adhere with their high costs vehicles rather than competing in the compact SUV market.

8. Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade markets as a perfect blend of sophistication, functionality, and technologies. Lowest-rated large luxury SUV was the title this one earned by Consumer Reports due to a stiff and cramped broad and the infotainment system receiving the tag “perplexing” Ouch. That doesn’t sound too “reassuring”

9. Chrysler Town & Country

After many years of support, the Chrysler Town & Country has now retired. The new model replacing it is the Chrysler Pacifica. In addition to earning the maximum road test score one of minivans by Consumer Reports, the Pacifica presents class-leading highway fuel economy at 28 mpg. The upcoming Pacifica Hybrid (pictured) — that the first electrified minivan ever — provides up to 84 mph equal (MPGe). The Pacifica was the only minivan to earn the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick+ nod for 2017. To top it all off, Waymo (formerly the Google Self-Driving Car Project) purchased and retrofitted 100 Pacifica Hybrid minivans to expand it self-driving car fleet.”

10. Mitsubishi i-MiEV

The marketing pitch for this one is “Lead the fee. Reduce the pump.” Fully electric, it provides what could be equivalent to 112 MPG in a gas engine. Mitsubishi offers a 10-year 100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty. A “half-step up out of a golf cart,” says everything. Consumer reports put this one as the lowest-rated green vehicle. This one was also the 4th poorest car from consumer reports in 2015. Sure you may get good mileage but if you are spending over 20k on a car, you might want something that feels stronger than a golf cart.