The Best Styling Tips for Scarves

The Best Styling Tips for Scarves

An LA-based designer taught us that the winter accessory will look just as good this Spring (and Summer!)

Wrapping a scarf from LA-based brand Donni around your neck will make you feel something. When I tell founder Alyssa Wasko that she laughs and tells me, “It adds that missing something to an outfit. Actually it’s almost like you just look cooler, quite bluntly!”

Since we are all waiting (desperately) for Spring to arrive, I asked Wasko about three of her favorite pieces, The Trio, a 3-toned blanket scarf, The Velvet Lady, a skinny velvet rectangle scarf and The Velvet Poppy, a solid velvet neck or hair tie, which are all often worn in the colder months, and how to best style them so they can be worn year round. So next time you’re thinking of packing away your scarves or velvet neckties, consider these ideas (and of adding a Donni piece to your wardrobe.)

The Best Styling Tips for Scarves – Coveteur


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