What’s the Deal: Women’s Spring Fashion

wlos.comWhat’s the Deal: Women’s Spring Fashion

Spring is here! While most of us are ready for the warmer temperatures, our closets might not quite be up for the change.

“With the spring comes the sun and warm temperatures and the white pants, and lighter denims and the crops and the florals,” says Millie Giangrasso. And there are some clear favorites you can expect to see everywhere this season, “the kimono is making a big appearance this year.”

“Something that basically you can wear at home and then throw on some wedges or mules and a basic t-shirt and basic denim bottom and go out the door and you will be on trend,” adds Giangrasso.

Another option, throw on your trench, a ‘must have’ transitional piece, paired with dresses to jeans, “lighter denim trend with the crop hemline is really big this spring,” says Stewart.

Also in this season, the ever-classic ruffles and prints, “you’re also going to see a lot of pretty colors. So lots of pastels, but not Easter eggs, we’re talking beautiful saturated pinks, lavender is going to be a really big color this year and blues.”

A lot of trendy yeses, but what about the no’s, “we are also seeing some trends come back that are a little frightening from year’s past. A lot of 90s trends, you’re going to see plastic, rubber, those weird space-age sunglasses. I’m telling you, you do not need to buy into all of those trends,” Says Williams.

Speaking of buying on a budget, no problem, “I would say a really great place that I’ve been able to find trendy pieces that are designer knock-offs including the shoes I’m wearing is Target.”

If you want handpicked items that not everyone in the office owns, “We go with vision in mind to bring in apparel that is not found here in Asheville,” says Giangrasso.

Keeping you fashion forward as we spring forward! What’s the Deal: Women’s Spring Fashion | WLOS


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